Uni-dam rainwater management system – protecting businesses and buildings against water ingress

Torrential rainfall is becoming an ever-increasing problem for businesses throughout the UK. Building damage, production disruption and stock damage are all serious and common issues faced by businesses as their gutter systems and outlets cannot cope with heavy bursts of rainfall.

Ampteam have a solution in the form of their Uni-dam Rainwater Management System – the easy, effective system that prevents water ingress into buildings.

A wetter UK

According to the Met Office, four out of the five wettest years in the UK since records began have occurred since the Millennium. Not only that, but they also recorded an increase in the frequency of days of extreme rainfall in the UK since 1960 (source - Met Office). These unpredictable, intense days of heavy rainfall cause major issues to businesses and their buildings in the form of water ingress and overflowing, particularly if they use inboard gutters such as parapet or valley gutters.

Buildings with metal profiles roofs are generally most affected e.g. industrial, commercial or retail, as the metal sheets are non-retentive in terms of water absorption and have little friction or resistance to help slow the flow of rain water. In previous years when buildings had fibre or asbestos cement roofs water ingress was not as common as these materials provided much better water absorption properties which helped to slow the water flow more effectively, thus allowing gutters and outlets time to discharge any excess water.

Introducing Uni-dam - the effective solution for water ingress

Uni-dam is a rainwater management system which was introduced to help with water retention levels, frictional resistance, and interruptions to the flow of water within roofing areas. The system comprises of a series of blades which run horizontally across an entire roof, helping to create a series of ‘mini-dams’ that disrupt the water flow and control the rate at which the water runs off into the gutter or outlet.

Manufactured from either 0.7mm coated and galvanised steel or 0.9mm mill finish aluminium (whichever is more sympathetic to the original roof), the Uni-dam assembly is fixed to the rib or upper corrugation of the roof sheet, leaving a continuous gap between the bottom of the blade and the roof sheet. This gap allows water to discharge in a controlled manner into gutters and outlets therefore preventing any overflow into buildings.

Uni-dam installed at Renault car showroom

Located in Watford, the Renault showroom was constantly enduring water ingress due to gutters with a poor outlet capacity. Ampteam were contacted and a design was created based on simple information such as location, roof length, slope length and roof pitch.

Following installation of the Uni-dam system, the showroom has enjoyed a much more effective rain water flow with levels of water ingress now non-existent. In fact, a short time after installation there was heavy snow fall in the area. This was successfully dealt with by the Uni-dam due to the system’s snow loading capacity, and also when the snow thawed and turned into water it was able to effectively run into the gutter in a slow and controlled manner, giving the gutter time to discharge the excess water.

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