Fully permeable sureset surface solution

Also known as ground reinforcement, SureCell® is a 100% recycled plastic cellular grid structure sub-base from SureSet Permeable Paving.

When SureCell is used in conjunction with SureSet resin bound paving you are guaranteed a SuDS compliant, fully permeable surface.

Features of SureCell

  • Low/no-dig sub-base option - total depth is only 82mm
  • Can be laid directly onto levelled sub-grade (i.e. soil/stone)
  • Easy and quick to install - a 50m² driveway can be laid in one day
  • Environmentally friendly – SureCell can be reused
  • Super-strong and high load bearing *full technical and environmental information below
  • Depth of SureCell can be doubled for increased strength
  • Covered by an 18 year guarantee
  • Provides natural filtration*.

Just three layers to a fully permeable surface…

From the top down there are three layers to a fully permeable surface - each one an integral part of the reinforcement and filtration system:

1. First (bottom) layer
After the removal of vegetation and debris to create a level and compacted sub-grade a geo-textile membrane layer is laid to prevent the upward migration of fine soil particles.

2. Second layer
SureCell is laid and infilled with gravel – suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic. For heavy use an additional layer of SureCell is used.

3. Third (top) layer
A 10mm SureSet SuDS mix is installed at a 30mm depth.


Usually SureSet resin bound paving needs some form of edging such as:

  • Paving slabs
  • Aluminium
  • Timber
  • Bricks

But with this fully permeable SureSet system a natural, rustic, look can be achieved without edging by rounding off the edges of the resin bound paving. We recommend this for pathways only.

Environmental benefits of SureCell

  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (HDPE), SureCell creates a fully permeable reinforced sound base, without the need for a cementitious or bitumen based products. HDPE is inert and stable, with an expected lifespan of over 50 years.
  • CIRIA, the leading body in SuDS research, states that a permeable surface can remove 60-95% of suspended solids and 70-90% of hydrocarbons. As surface water seeps through the sub-base a natural filtration takes place – reducing or removing impurities and pollutants caused by oils and metals.
  • With SureCell being built-up rather than excavated down, the no dig situation eliminates potential damage to trees and plants.
  • No digging, and reducing the amount of infill required, reduces the need for heavy machinery. This has a knock on effect on pollution, the carbon footprint and minimizes on-site disruption from dust, erosion and runoff.
  • The long-term design life of SureCell mean that maintenance, associated environmental and long-term environmental costs are significantly reduced.

*Technical information

  • A SureSet aggregate size of 10mm requires a standard depth of 30mm
  • SureCell 52mm depth fully connected cellular reinforcement structure infilled with well compacted 4/10mm crushed aggregate to BS EN 12620
  • For heavier applications two layers of 52mm SureCell can be installed.

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