Wavin Gets to the Root of the Problem With New Technology

Leading plumbing and drainage solutions provider, Wavin, is adding its innovative new RootSeal Technology across the OsmaDrain range. The natural additive used in RootSeal Technology actively prevents root ingress in below ground drainage systems, helping minimise the chance of repairs being needed on residential and commercial properties.

Root ingress can be a serious problem for drainage systems, with the joints being the most likely point of entry. Blockages caused by root ingress can lead to sewage leakage, pipe breakages and costly repair work.

RootSeal mitigates this by using an independently tested natural additive which is proven to gently and safely discourage tree and shrub roots from growing near joint seals.

Steve Jeffries, Product Manager for Foul Water Systems at Wavin said: “Trees are an incredibly necessary and beneficial addition to our built environment, but unfortunately their roots can cause havoc on surrounding infrastructure if left unchecked. As this can happen a long time after the systems are set up, it’s traditionally been a difficult problem to see and address.

“With RootSeal Technology, specifiers and developers can futureproof their projects, and rest easy that ingress will be controlled in a sustainable way which supports the creation of non-disruptive ecosystems.”

The problems around root ingress may worsen over the coming years due to climate change. With drier summers, tree and shrub roots become more aggressive, making them search further for water, increasing the likelihood of them coming into contact with drainage systems.

With more greenery in urban areas being vital to combatting the effects of global warming, Wavin’s incorporation of RootSeal Technology into the OsmaDrain range ensures developers can build healthier, more sustainable cities.

RootSeal Technology is now standard across the entire OsmaDrain range at no extra cost.

For more information, please visit our website.

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