Polypipe Building Services Launches a New Noise Reducing Drainage System

Polypipe Building Services has launched Terrain Q, a polypropylene, easy-to-install push fit system with multi-layer technology designed for a variety of commercial and high-rise residential buildings. Sitting alongside well-known Terrain drainage systems within the Polypipe Building Services portfolio including Terrain PVC and Terrain FUZE, Terrain Q brings a new dimension to the commercial drainage portfolio in the form of a drainage system that offers both noise reducing and fire retardancy benefits.

Terrain Q has been expertly engineered to feature multi-layer technology which provides a range of benefits.

The pipework’s blue external layer is made from PP+UV+RF, providing resistance to attack from UV radiation, fire and impact damage. The black intermediate layer comprises a mineral-reinforced plastic which enables high stability, noise insulation and fire resistance, and the final white internal layer is made of PP+AF, providing high chemical and abrasion resistance and resistance to high temperature waste, (up to 97 degrees). Due to an anti fouling additive the bore is kept clear and resistant to deposit build up which helps to reduce noise level

In addition, the fittings have been made with the installer in mind, including features such as angle markers and insertion aids to help keep installation quick and simple, making sure it keeps its great noise reducing properties.

This triple aspect of fire resistance, noise reducing, and anti-fouling resistance sets Terrain Q apart in the market, providing specifiers with a system that keeps bases covered.

Speaking on the launch of Terrain Q, Sarah Cartwright, Senior Product Manager from Polypipe Building Services said: “In today’s built environment, fire safety and the environment in which we live, work and play in are of utmost importance. It is essential to our NPD that we develop new products with this in mind. Here at Polypipe, we are pleased to be launching a product that not only reduces noise but has a good fire classification rating, contributing to better fire safety in the building envelope.”

Sarah continued: "The industry has also seen a growing demand for noise reducing solutions. Increasingly, these systems are being specified in high-rise commercial apartments to reduce noise breakout. Terrain Q has been engineered to prevent the passage of sound and has a 20dB rating for structure-borne sound.”

“Finally, Terrain Q’s anti-fouling properties prevent the build-up of encrustations in pipework, ensuring the seamless, uninterrupted flow of water for the benefit of residents, facilities managers and engineers,” commented Sarah.

Polypipe Building Services’ Terrain Q has been engineered to meet the industry’s acoustic and fire requirements. The system has been tested and certified to EN 14366 ‘Laboratory measurement of noise from wastewater installations’, EN 13501 ‘Fire classification of construction products and design types’ and EN 1451 ‘Plastic pipes and fittings for soil and waste’. The range is available in a variety of sizes to suit project requirements and includes a number of fittings from bends, branches and reducers.

“Polypipe Building Services is delighted to launch such a system that fulfils significant needs within our construction industry,” ended Sarah.

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