Bauder launch new Wildflower Blanket and Substrate Sedum Blanket

The new eco friendly Bauder vegetation blankets utilise a jute fibre carrier that biodegrades as the vegetation establishes and matures.

The latest additions to Bauder’s green roof product line are the Wildflower blanket (WB) and Substrate Sedum blanket (SB) for lightweight, extensive green roof projects. The new blankets still follow Bauder’s high quality standards for the maturity and vegetation cover and are grown on a jute matting. This plant fibre matting will breakdown competely, making the carrier 100% biodegradable.

The natural fibres in the jute matting actively encourage new roots to grow down and through the fibres, these then embed quickly into the Bauder FLL compliant substrates, dramatically improving the establishment times for the vegetation. The use of products made from plant fibres provide a strong root structure, with many nurseries growing plugs and seedlings in fibre mediums as oppose to a soil or peat based growing mediums.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Jute carrier reduces enviromental footprint of the roof
  • Cost effective to reduce the outlay of a scheme
  • Lightweight blankets ease handling and installation onsite
  • Quicker vegetation establishment times
  • Jute supports the root structures of the vegetation so that the depths of substrate can be reduced

Bauder SB Substrate Sedum Blanket

The new SB blanket uses the same high quality species mix as was used in our XF300 sedum blanket. The sedum species in the blanket are selected especially to thrive in the demanding environment of green roofs. The mix gives a range of both sun loving and shade tolerant species so that the best species suited for each particular locations and roof orientation will become prominent and surpass those that find the conditions less favourable.

Bauder WB Native Wildflower Blanket

The Bauder WB blanket uses British native seed, harvested using the Flora Locale code of conduct. This code ensures the seed has been selected from an appropriate British native origin. The mix of wildflowers produce excellent colour with an extended flowering season and is approved as Perfect for Pollinators by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS).

Bauder has evaluated the establishment process for green roof vegetation on substrates, key requirements are for the product to be quick to establish , lightweight, easy to handle and as environmentally green as possible.

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