Create the shared spaces of your imagination with Marshalls

As you’d expect from the UK’s market leading hard landscaping manufacturer, Marshalls’ extensive range of concrete paving provides you with the choice and flexibility you need to create the shared spaces of your imagination.

Marshalls understands that selecting the right combination of colour, blend, size, pattern and texture is imperative to the visual success of your scheme; its paving gives you all of the tools you need.

The Marshalls portfolio offers complete design creativity with its broad range of colours, ranging from subtle warm tones to cooler, contemporary colours and even vibrant, bold shades which are ideal for highlighting statement projects. Different coloured paving can transform an open space through either subtle, incremental colour variations, or bold contrasts of solid colours which add personality and impact to the finished scheme. Also, blending different types of paving together in bespoke combinations creates innovative and unique palettes which can alter the mood of a space.

The dimensions of paving units and the orientation they’re laid in can affect the feel of a space. Linear planks draw the eye to surrounding features whilst smaller elements create a busier, more traditional feel. Combining mixed sizes together on a scheme allows you to balance the functionality of multi-use spaces with eyecatching design creativity.

Patterns can visually break up large expanses of paving, adding interest and playfulness to flat surfaces. The juxtaposition of soft, flowing curves and straight regimented lines can lend personality to otherwise bland areas. Banding, lines and shapes can also subtly denote different uses, eliminating the need to clutter spaces with distracting signage.

Mixing coarse, smooth and polished textures across a single scheme can not only create striking visual differences but also help to denote different uses and even warn of potential hazards. Texture can create subtle banding across schemes in which colour isn’t a design option, provoking a uniquely tactile response.

All of these factors can be addressed with the Marshalls paving range. And thanks to the company’s years of experience, you can be sure that we’ll provide you with the most cost-effective sub-base design and installation method to ensure that your schemes stay looking good with minimal maintenance for years to come.

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