The most efficient decking system on the market

Cost effective. Faster install. No visual fixings. Premium quality timber,
guaranteed for up to 50 years. 
This is GRAD...

The new GRAD decking range from Alfresco Floors is a fast-fit, invisible fixings system that gives you prestigious, high-end results - with significantly less effort than traditional installation methods. We introduced our GRAD decking system to the UK in 2017 and since then most of our decking contracts have used it. We consider GRAD to have three clear advantages over traditional timber decking, which combine to make it the most efficient and effective system we have ever seen in the UK.

GRAD’s first advantage is the aluminium support rails on which it sits. 

GRAD’s second advantage is the unique ‘hidden fixing’ clip system it uses to instantly secure the specially profiled boards onto the support rails. 
GRAD's third advantage is the latest timber technology used for its board options. 

Finally (and most importantly) what does all this mean to the aesthetics and economics of a commercial decking contract?  The GRAD system means that you can now enjoy high-end, high-spec, composite or premium quality timber decks - installed with no visible fixings in about half the normal time. Compared to the best performing composite and hardwood systems, a GRAD deck is cheaper to buy, quicker to build and visually stunning.

For further information on the GRAD system or to discuss a potential project please get in touch.

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