Drexus Pave Drain: Set to Change the Face of Landscape Design

Drainage has long been considered a purely functional element of any design. So much so that it’s often something landscape architects try to hide to ensure it doesn’t detract from the overall look and feel of the space.

Essentially drainage is viewed as a necessary evil, with functional grated systems being the traditional go-to solution. But that’s all now set to change. In a huge leap forward for the industry, landscape architects no longer need worry about how to incorporate drainage or conceal it from view. In fact, there’s now a reason to actively embrace it.

Marshalls, the UK’s leading hard landscaping provider, now supplies drainage that blends with concrete paving and natural stone products.

With Drexus Pave Drain, Marshalls can provide a discreet natural stone topped drainage solution in the exact same material as the paving that surrounds it. This means the drainage can either blend into the landscape to effectively hide it, or be contrasted to offer some form of delineation to frame a public space and create a design feature.


In busy, multi-use spaces which require demarcation, Pave Drain can be used as an effective delineator to distinguish between pedestrian, vehicular and cycle areas instead of a prominent kerb or edging.

A line of drainage can also be supplied in a contrasting colour to be used as a border around a public space. As the product can now be rendered in the same texture and material, it no longer looks unsightly but instead functions as a design feature in its own right.

At a time when living space is at a premium and keeps having to work harder, Drexus Pave Drain can provide subtle yet effective demarcation, creating the sort of zoning that allows great public areas to do all that’s increasingly being asked of them.


Where a landscape architect still wants to hide the drainage, thanks to Pave Drain it can now be created in the same material and colour as the surrounding paving – allowing it to be subtly integrated into the paving design.

Marshalls’ Drexus Pave Drain provides the perfect solution, offering a unique aesthetic for linear drainage. Utilising Marshalls’ expertise in both concrete and natural stone, Pave Drain offers an effective combined paving and drainage solution which perfectly complements Natural Stone paving products.

The unique ability of Marshalls’ Drexus Pave Drain to sympathetically blend drainage into a scheme, or use it to provide subtle but effective demarcation, means it has the potential to play a game-changing role in the world of landscape architecture – and find a place at the heart of every kind of project imaginable.

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