Illumirail® - LED light system for handrails from F H Brundle

Illumirail is a stylish and practical lighting application for incorporating into handrailing installations. With the choice of RGB, coloured and bright white LEDs, it doesn’t just aesthetically provide the finishing touch to any handrail project, it also offers a solution to safety and security issues surrounding dark stairwells and walkways. Illumirail can be fitted in wall mounted or post mounted handrailing.

There are 2 choices for illuminating your handrail:

Bar System - fitted into our standard split tube handrail
Pod System - can be fitted in any round Ø 42.4 - 48.3mm handrail system. Also retrofittable

Illumirail is ideal for specification in a wide range of applications including residential, restaurants, offices, night clubs, leisure and retail. In fact anywhere that requires illumination, inside or out, with Stainless Steel Type 316 as standard. Both systems are waterproof and fully rated to IP67. They can be used with PIR movement sensors, daylight sensors (dusk to dawn) and the solid colours can also be linked into emergency lighting back-up systems.

With thousands of colours to choose from, it’s easy to create the right mood or ambience in any enviroment.

The ColourTouch 4.3” controller is at the heart of the RGB bar system enabling it to change colour, flash, pulse, dim and fade on and off. The ColourTouch controller can be sited in any location up to 50m from the installation and requires a 24V DC supply. Where this is outdoor, the unit must be contained within a waterproof enclosure.

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