Selectaglaze helping projects achieve breeam ratings

Wasted energy and the thermal efficiency of our buildings have become important topics. Our buildings account for more than 40% of all carbon emissions, and the need to create solutions to reduce our ‘footprints’ has become a major concern.

Selectaglaze secondary glazing systems using low emissivity glass, can reduce heat loss by more than half across the window and achieve a U-value of around 1.9. With sealed unit glazing this is further reduced, and a figure as low as 1.3 can be achieved.

When there is a requirement for airtightness, for example a draughty window in a Listed property that cannot have its windows changed, secondary glazing can provide significant improvements. Air permeability performance below 5m³/h.m³ is readily achieved with Selectaglaze sliding systems and below 1m³/h.m³ with Selectaglaze hinged systems.

Secondary glazing is an independent window fitted to the room side of a building, and is a discreet and reversible adaptation, widely accepted by most Heritage bodies. All of Selectaglaze’s units are bespoke to the individual window and use high performance seals ensuring the tightest fit, reducing air infiltration and virtually eliminating drafts.

Established for fifty years Selectaglaze secondary glazing has been used on buildings across different sectors from Listed offices to new build hotels helping projects achieve high BREEAM ratings. Selectaglaze has worked on projects such as Wiltshire Town Hall and Ham Yard Hotel which have both achieved a BREEAM “Excellent” rating and Albany House and Mortimer Street apartments have received a BREEAM “Very Good”.

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