Granada Secondary Glazing Helps Reduce External Noise at Manchester University

Granada Secondary Glazing has helped to reduce external noise at Manchester Metropolitan University’s All Saints Building, located next to the city’s busy ring road.

The units installed within the All Saints Building were horizontal sliders, which were selected to blend seamlessly with the stylings of the existing window. Sleek aluminium frames were used to construct the horizontal sliding units, which were glazed with 6.4mm acoustic laminate glass for maximum performance. As with all of Granada’s products, the frames were specifically designed to feature the slimmest sightlines available.

Steve Wright, Project Manager at Truline construction, said he was delighted with how secondary glazing has benefitted the newly renovated All Saints Building MMU Manchester:

“The building was encountering a lot of noise from traffic passing by, given its proximity to the city’s main ring road. It’s now much, much quieter and, whilst this was the primary concern for the university, we’ve all been really pleased with how much warmer the building feels following the installation. It’s made a notable difference. We were able to effectively add another thermal and acoustic barrier, without having to alter the buildings existing windows.

“Right throughout the process Granada’s team were incredibly professional to work with, the installation went really smoothly.”

Granada’s horizontal sliding secondary glazing system works to enhance the thermal and acoustic performance of the primary window without restricting cleaning access or ventilation. A central push button release mechanism ensures that all panels remain fully locked off until they are operated, providing an extra layer of security. Horizontal Sliders are suitable for all property types and styles, delivering up to 65% reduction in heat loss and up to 80% reduction in noise levels.

The frames are designed to be virtually invisible, seamlessly blending in with any interior décor. The Granada Glazing product range includes a variety of options such as hinged, sliding, and vertical sliders, as well as tilt-back and lift-out options.

In addition, Granada Glazing collaborates with architects and specifiers to design, manufacture, and supply high-quality commercial secondary glazing solutions to various sectors and building types throughout the UK.

For more information about adding the Granada Secondary Glazing range to your business, please get in touch.

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