Sapphire Balconies Rated Second to None by London Dock Development

Sapphire’s offsite-manufactured Glide-On™ Cassette® balconies, together with the company’s logistical expertise, have solved several intriguing challenges posed by Block C1 at London Dock in Wapping, a stunning development of high-quality homes situated on the historic Thames waterfront.

Firstly, the building’s sloped façade meant that balcony connections could not be fitted in the normal way. Secondly, a spectacular water feature at ground level meant extra care was needed during balcony installation to avoid damaging this distinctive feature. Finally, access to the façade was limited when fitting balcony arms as no scaffolding or mast climbers were available.

Fitting balconies at Block C1 was made simpler through the use of Sapphire’s Glide-On™ aluminium balconies and a counterbalance. This innovative solution enabled the cantilever balconies to be installed to the sloped façade from the top down where necessary. To address concerns about the water feature, Sapphire used a crane set off to one side, thereby avoiding this feature entirely during balcony installation. Access to the façade for fitting balcony arms was solved by using a unitised façade. Arms were cast in place at the manufacturing stage, giving Sapphire’s accredited installers the access they needed to install the balconies.

Each modular Cassette® balcony for the project was preassembled offsite, including the structural frameless glass balustrades, decking and soffits. To make transport to site both cost-effective and safe, balconies were ‘nested’ onto each pallet and pre-slung ready for fast and easy installation on arrival. Once lifted into position, the Cassettes® simply Glide-On™ to the pre-erected support arms, before completing the simple mechanical fixings.

Speaking on behalf of St George PLC, the project’s development company, Christopher Roberts said: “Sapphire’s communication, positivity and helpful attitude have always made us feel valued whenever we’ve needed help. Their logistics around quality standards, deliveries and installation are second to none.”

For more information contact Sapphire using the information below.

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