Designing Dream Homes: Making a Statement with Glazing

The design and construction of homes has changed significantly over the last 20 years, with properties evolving to meet changing needs, lifestyles, and family dynamics.

As one of the UK’s most successful manufacturers, Origin has spent the last two decades supporting architects by designing glazing systems that turn houses into dream homes.

The company was founded by cousins, Neil Ginger and Victoria Brocklesby, who set out to deliver the best performing doors on the market. Since launching the original Origin Bi-fold Door (OB-72) in 2002, the Origin Home Range has grown in terms of systems available and has continuously evolved to suit changing homeowner demand, offering high performing products that stand the test of time. Today, Origin offers a range of systems that help architects make a statement no matter the type of property.

The Origin Bi-fold Door System

Available in two sightline options, either the original 72mm (OB-72) or a slimline 49mm version (OB-49), the Origin Bi-fold Door offers an array of innovative design features. A unique free glide running system allows for smooth operation, while two threshold options give architects the choice between either a weathered or non-weathered finish. Superior security is achieved through an ultra-secure 8-point locking system, while the doors can achieve U-Values as low as 1.1 W/m2K for exceptional thermal efficiency.

Bi-fold doors can achieve completely uninterrupted views when folded away or concertinaed to the side. Aluminium is the best material for bi-folding doors as the strong, yet lightweight frame, allows for ultra-slim sightlines and easy operation to be achieved.

The Origin Sliding Door

Origin offers two sliding door systems – the Artisan Slider and the Patio Slider. Each offers a choice of sightline sizes and door configurations. The opening can be placed either to the right, left or centre of the slider, dependent on the number of panels.

The Patio Slider offers a modern, architecturally striking variation on the traditional patio door system and is available in three sightline options: 29mm (OS-29), 44mm (OS-44), and 77mm (OS-77). The OS-29 is the slimmest semi-dry glazed patio door available on the market. The Artisan Slider (OS-20) offers panoramic views through unrivalled panel sizes and ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm.

By offering both bi-folding and sliding doors, Origin can supply systems that suit all homeowners and styles of property.

Sliding doors have extremely slim sightlines and enable fantastic uninterrupted views when closed. Designed using two or more large panes of glass, the doors glide along either double or triple track options to allow doors to slide behind each other when being operated.

The Origin Residential Door

Made using high-grade aluminium, the Origin Residential Door has been expertly engineered to give the right first impression. Introduced in 2016, it is available as a single door, French door, or as a garage door. There are a choice of 10 panels designs, over 150 RAL colours available, and a variety of accessories to choose from, to ensure the Origin Residential Door is made truly bespoke. Designed with security in mind, it also achieves a superior level of thermal efficiency and adds kerb appeal to any style of property.

The Origin Window

The first of its kind to offer an internal and external flush casement, the Origin Premium Window (OW-80) boasts superior thermal efficiency and ultra-high levels of security. It excels in design and was the first to offer Aerogel, a powerful insulator, to achieve ultra-low U-Values of just 0.8 W/m2K.

The bespoke window can be manufactured to fit almost any size of aperture and can be specified to fit fixed or sash casement configurations, as well as bays, gables, and French windows.

A slimline version of the window, the Origin Slimline Window (OW-70), maximises views and allows for an abundance of natural light through slimmer sightlines and large expanses of glazing.

The superior thermal performance of the Origin Window protects against the rising costs of energy. Aerogel is available as an optional upgrade in the Premium Window, allowing it to achieve a certified U-value as low as 0.8 W/m2K. Originally used in space shuttles and spacesuits, Aerogel is the world’s best insulator with the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid material.

The Internal Door

The soaring popularity of flexible living spaces has led Origin to introduce its innovative internal door and wall system. The Origin Internal Door (OI-30) provides an elegant way to divide spaces, while allowing natural daylight to flow from room to room.

Made from premium-grade aluminium, it is completely customisable and is available either as a single door, a French door, or a fixed screen. It can also be used to create entirely new rooms, such as a home office, by coupling a combination of doors and screens with a corner post. For large apertures, additional fixed screens can be added alongside or above a door to maximise the amount of glass.

As the UK’s leading British door and window manufacturer, Origin products are built to last and offer a guarantee of up to 20 years on the Origin Home Range. All systems made at the company’s state-of-the-art factory in Buckinghamshire are rigorously quality tested at every stage of the manufacturing process to ensure a consistently exceptional finish is achieved every time.

Over the last 20 years, Origin has continued to invest in its operations and retains complete control over every stage of production, from supply chain through to design, manufacture, and delivery, to offer a reliable solution to architects with no hold ups or delays.

By specifying products in the Origin Home Range, architects can be confident they are choosing the highest quality and best performing systems available.

For more information about Origin, please visit the website below.

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