AGC Glass UK and OnLevel UK Collaborate to Certify New Solutions for Frameless Glazed Balustrades and Juliet Balconies

AGC Glass UK and OnLevel UK are pleased to announce that Stratobel Strong laminated safety glass is now certified in OnLevel’s frameless balustrade systems TL6020, TL3020 and Skyforce Juliet balcony for loads up to 0.74kN.

OnLevel’s UK Operations Director Martyn Eveleigh comments: “After learning about AGC’s Stratobel Strong laminated glass, we recognised that it would be a useful addition to the suite of glass solutions tested in our systems thanks to a number of unique properties that are beneficial to OnLevel installers”.

Stratobel Strong is an annealed laminated glass with an interlayer much stiffer than traditional PVB. It can be cut to size from stock sheets which, under certain conditions, removes the need for additional processes such as tempering or heat strengthening. Consequently, glass processors can now offer unbeatable lead times and aesthetics, and installers can save valuable time while providing homeowners with a great looking solution.

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