Quality Over Price Provides Long Term Gain

Pressures of budgets are still at the forefront when it comes to businesses selecting products & services rather than a focus on quality, a decision which is causing long term issues, rising costs and questions regarding safety.

Steve Hardy, Joint Managing Director of Perth based fenestration specialist Sidey, believes that mind sets need to change in order for these major issues to be avoided in the future and for today’s housing to be of a ‘decent’ and safe standard.

“For over 85 years it has been an ethos of Sidey to provide customers with the highest quality products along with the highest safety standards within in our industry. We understand the importance of quality and safety due to the stringent tests that our products and services undergo. Our comprehensive list of accreditations assures customers that Sidey work to and maintain the highest standards in order to provide the best possible quality product, service and safety standards.

“Quality over quantity - it's an age old lesson that too many of us choose to ignore. Although sacrificing the former for the latter may grant a few short-term profits, however long term effects can be detrimental.

Investment in Quality and Offsite

Steve continues - “The solution to some of these problems and changing mind sets has to lie in the growth of offsite construction. Costs are now no more than when building through standard construction methods, but the two huge pluses are the delivery of better, safer buildings by design, and delivery on time”.

“One of the great benefits to companies is the opportunity for Sidey to get involved at the design team stage, to work collaboratively with the architects, the constructors, and the clients themselves; to understand exactly what they want, and to offer them quality bespoke solutions, and to ensure that our element of the build – enhanced specification windows and doors, air-tightness and offsite installation solutions compliments the whole of the rest of the construction”.

“There is capacity in the offsite market to fill the growing demand in a controlled and health and safety conscious way, and at the same time to offer the best products on the market to give a long term return on their investment."

For more information about Sidey and our Innovative Solutions on and off site, please get in touch.

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