A divided church

Redlands Parish Church in Bristol has recently undertaken a £1.9m redevelopment, providing the community with a suite of three modern, interconnecting halls. Partitioning specialist Style, was tasked with future-proofing the facility by installing a combination of moveable walls that would allow the space to be opened out to seat up to 280 people, or divided to accommodate the needs of different groups and events.

A fully automatic Skyfold wall, descends from the ceiling to create a firm divide with exceptional acoustic privacy whilst two DORMA partitioning systems work together to further divide this extensive facility. Style is nine times winner of the FIS Gold Contractors award and market leaders in the moveable walls sector.

“Over recent years we have built up considerable expertise in adding flexibility to community halls such as this one and well understand the diverse groups they often have to accommodate,” explains Julian Sargent, Style’s group managing director. “Redlands will be able to attract vital income from hiring the rooms, sub-dividing floor space into separate areas with speed and ease. For example, the Lantern pre-school can run in one area whilst other community events can be comfortably accommodated elsewhere, without disturbing one another.”

Working with O’Leary Goss Architects and Kitto Construction, Style was contracted to maximise the potential of the available space.

The Skyfold is at the cutting edge of moveable wall systems, unfolding from its housing in the ceiling cavity at the press of button to create a dividing wall that is second to none. A DORMA Moveo lightweight semi-automatic partitioning wall divides another area and features ComforTronic® automatic seals to ensure acoustic performance is maximised every time.

Finally a DORMA FSW-G, a non-acoustic glazed folding partition provides a functional screen whilst maximising light to all areas.

“Churches can pose interesting challenges,” continues Julian, “particularly older ones where the room shapes can be difficult to contend with, ceilings are high and walls uneven. This makes the process of installing a moveable wall more demanding, however we have always been able to find a solution thanks to our superb product range and the skill of our installation teams.”

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