New Riba-assesed factory tour CPD

Mumford & Wood, manufacturer of Britain’s finest timber windows and doors, has launched a RIBA-Assessed factory tour CPD. This follows substantial investment in their extended state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Tiptree, Essex.

On your arrival and welcome there is a short Prezi presentation followed by the Factory Tour itself, and a brief Q & A session over a light lunch and refreshments. PPE is provided but if visitors want to see the entire factory please bring safety footwear. All the support material will be provided on a neat wooden branded USB to take away.

“It’s important you take-the-tour and walk-the-walk because we want to change any misconceptions you may still have about timber windows and doors”, says Frank Buckley, managing director, Mumford & Wood. “We have indeed come a long way since site finishing and windows that rot, warp and stick.”

Visitors who take the factory tour at the companies HQ in Tiptree, Essex, will see the production of Mumford & Wood’s beautiful timber windows and doors from the very start of the process with the selection of the timber and the main production processes right through to the localised finishing operations, assembly and glazing, quality inspection, wrapping and despatch.

Isabelle Priestly, RIBA Journal Products in Practice, says of the tour: “As one of the most technically advanced manufacturing sites PiP has yet visited, and with all the skills and knowledge present, it is definitely worth it.”

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