GRP roofing systems and how they differ CPD seminar

Hambleside Danelaw Ltd, a Green Apple Award winning UK manufacturer, offers a RIBA approved CPD seminar analysing Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and its use in flat roofing.

The core curriculum seminar covers the invention, history and development of GRP, the basic process of manufacture and applications as a roofing material.

GRP has many impressive environmental benefits, as it is safe to use in Grey water systems, is easy to repair, and at the end of its long service life, it’s recyclable.

The seminar covers this as well as the benefits of GRP within the building industry. The material is durable, safe and easy to install, environmentally efficient, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing and has been used in the building industry for over 60 years. The CPD guides architects through the production of GRP, and how a component based system is fitted. The seminar compares this to typical ‘wet-lay’ GRP roofing systems, looking at the laying process and the difference in the finish.

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