Barrel vaults are the bespoke daylight solution

One of the most cost-effective ways of introducing natural light and ventilation into an existing building is through the specification of rooflights. From leisure and sporting facilities, commercial buildings through to education and health centres, Brett Martin’s Marvault is a versatile, barrel vaulted rooflight system which can capture light at any time of day and be tailor-made to any building.

A popular way to introduce daylight and reduce energy use, CO2 emissions and running costs, Marvault is particularly suitable where aesthetics are important with many designers having a preference for the out-of-plane profile created by vault rooflights.

Bespoke as standard

A superbly engineered bespoke glazing system, Marvault can be used to great effect on all types of roofs including profiled industrial, curved, low pitch or for standing seam built-up metal roofing systems where a secret fix style system is required. They are also the ideal rooflight system for canopy and walkway applications.

Capable of spanning up to 9 metres, the Marvault roofing system includes an elegant aluminium framing system which can maximise natural daylight. The system allows specifiers to achieve unrestricted lengths for greater design flexibility.

Widely used in schools, public buildings and residential projects due to its durability and excellent weather resistance, Marvault offers versatility, long-term reliability and exceptional detailing.

Glazing options

Marvault uses Marlon ST Longlife and Marlon FSX, multiwall and solid sheet polycarbonate, offering exceptional impact resistance and surface protection due to a co-extruded UV protective layer. And with thermal performance now crucial at every project, Marvault glazing options are available for U-values down to 1.6W/m2K and can help buildings achieve compliance with Part L of the Building Regulations.

Depending on the desired internal environment, glazing options available in Marvault include clear, bronze and opal polycarbonate. Whilst clear provides direct light, the tinted options reduce solar heat gain, minimise glare from the sun and can provide privacy where necessary.

And where ventilation is a priority, there are a number of opening options for Marvault rooflights to provide natural ventilation, in a choice of manual or powered. These rooflight systems also offer improved safety, as the rooflight is raised out of the roof plane, making them less easy to walk on.

Built to specification

Designed and manufactured in Brett Martin’s own BSI quality accredited and ISO 14001 environmentally accredited factories, these tailor-made Marvault barrel vaults are backed up by comprehensive support from design to specification, and finally installation, ensuring specifiers can help realise their aspirations.

Rooflights make a vital contribution to every building and are often the only way of introducing natural daylight into many buildings. The physiological benefits are enormous - daylight relaxes, improves concentration and makes people feel better. Architects, specifiers and building owners must switch onto the benefits of natural daylight to save energy, ensure compliance, and crucially, create an environment people want to spend time in.

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