Structural Streamlining

How did you feel when you opened your factory doors after returning from the Christmas break? Revived and rejuvenated? Perky and prepared for the New Year? Or maybe just a little flabby and fuzzy round the edges.

It’s all too easy to go back to work after the seasonal festivities suffering from the one-turkey-sandwich-too-many blues; and workplaces, like people, can also suffer from a post-Christmas comedown. They can sag a little, lose a bit of their gleam, be a little reluctant to rev-up and restart.

In fact, the New Year condition of your workplace will set the tone for overall productivity and efficiency in the rest of the year. Therefore, in the same way that January gyms are full of enthusiastic new members working on their newly-expanded waistlines, the New Year is the perfect time to get your workplace fit, active and in-shape for the business demands of the coming year.

First: lose the excess.

Too many workplaces suffer from unfit management of vehicles and pedestrians. Points where vehicles and pedestrians cross over should be reduced to a minimum and, where these crossover points are unavoidable, properly managed with barriers, gates and signage. It’s time to shape-up and shed the excess with a fully fit traffic management programme - and greatly reduce the chances of collisions and subsequent downtime, damage and associated costs.

Second: get lean and mean.

Just like a personal trainer will ensure you’re getting the most out of gym equipment and using it in the most efficient way, responsible workplace managers will know that modern Health & Safety practices do not hinder efficiency but, over time, boost it. A world-class barrier system will not just protect vehicles, structures and pedestrians, it will also act as guide and pathway to direct and lead personnel safely around the workplace, streamlining efficiency in the process.

Third: add some bulk

Hand Rails and Pedestrian Barriers will look after some traffic management concerns, but it is inevitable that collisions will still occur on workplace structures. A rogue forklift driver can over time make repeated impacts on your workplace’s vital structures and these can seriously challenge the structural integrity of a whole building. When A-SAFE’s heavy duty barriers flex their muscles, it’s not through vanity. The barriers’ strong, flexible, absorbent natures dissipate impact forces, ensuring they remain intact, the floor undamaged and vital structures untouched. How’s that for brawn with brains?

Last: reap the rewards.

No fitness routine is complete until you start to enjoy the time between workouts. In a busy workplace a world class barrier system will offer a huge return in investment over a relatively short period of time. Gatwick Airport used to report over £100,000 worth of repair costs to their luggage handling areas per year. After installing A-SAFE barriers, they reported a reduction in repair, maintenance and replacement costs to just £3,000 over a five-year period.

Before your factory starts to flag, shape-up with the best performing products for protection, efficiency and responsible management. The return on investment benefits are long-term and the health and fitness bonuses can be felt immediately.

A-SAFE are the inventors and manufacturers of fixed polymer safety barriers; used around the world to offer unbeatable, money-saving protection for buildings, personnel and equipment.

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