Guide to Heavy Duty Loft Ladders

Anyone can say they offer a ‘heavy duty’ loft ladder, but what does it really mean? Premier Loft Ladders explain what you need to know.

Premier Loft Ladders have been supplying high-performance retractable ladders for 20 years to a wide range of projects throughout the UK and overseas. They have established themselves as experts in this field and provide architects and designers with help choosing the right ladder for even the most challenging applications.

When specifying a heavy duty loft ladder, they always recommend the following:

•  Check the ladder conforms to BS EN 14975

•  Aim for a load rating of at least 200 kg per tread

•  Ensure that there is a good warranty with the ladder

•  Prioritise loft ladders featuring large treads and a handrail

Depending on the project, fire-protection, security and operation from above may also be essential requirements.

For more information about specifying heavy duty loft ladders, or if you need help with your project please visit the website below.

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