Continuing to Build Fantastic Bespoke Staircase Structures for the Future

Spiral UK have been making incredible bespoke staircase structures for over 38 years, and as they come into their 39th year of production, they are not slowing down.

Providing unique and tailor made staircases for a range of buildings and properties takes a lot of planning, know how and a specific skill for bringing together a keen eye for detail and understanding of surrounding factors, such as environment and in some cases, the social landscape.

This ability to craft high-end, top quality staircases confidently that hit the mark every time, comes only from years of valuable practise working in the sector and a lot of vision, passion and determination for the end product.

“We began crafting concrete spiral staircases for local properties when we started out, as time has passed we have expanded our knowledge, skills and experience of materials and construction techniques to become one of the nation’s leading providers of bespoke staircases. We now make eye-catching helical stairs, breath-taking cantilever floating stairs and of course our reliable and equally as incredible spiral staircases, for all property types" – Eric Nicholls, Managing Director and son of the founding member, Buzz Nicholls.

Of course, constructing these staircases takes many great minds and hands, which is why Spiral UK are proud of their glowing, bright and highly skilled workforce. From design engineers to fabricators and welders, Spiral UK takes lead from their force of all ages to ensure the longevity of the business and to keep improving their offering to their clients.

“Our apprenticeship programmes are fantastic opportunities for our business to keep one foot in the future of manufacturing and production. We are very proud of our apprentices and the way in which they take on their tasks. Of course our veteran welders and fabricators are highly trained and knowledgeable in their craft, so it’s always a joy to see the two generations learning from each other and helping us to maintain our stance as one of the nation’s top providers of bespoke staircases" – Andrew Holland, CEO of Spiral UK.

Spiral UK provide helical, spiral, cantilever (floating) and straight dog-leg stairs to a range of clients from residential renovations to colossal London city skyscraper buildings. One of the biggest sectors that they work alongside and provide to is the London fit out scene, which sees Spiral UK producing top of the range staircases to offices such as 110 Bishopsgate, for the Salesforce Tower where they worked alongside Overybury PLC to construct an incredible helical staircase, with a built in planter system, and hoist it up to the 36th floor to connect to the above level.

Due to Spiral UK’s masterful experience of 38 years of staircase manufacturing, they are able to perfectly provide to these kind of projects and sectors. They can match the need for pace and quick turn arounds whilst maintaining exceptional quality builds and finishes and even provide a full, in-house service with use of their professional design engineers, skilled crafts-force and highly sort after installation teams.

Spiral UK continue to inspire, amaze and provide, exceedingly high end and incredible staircases and are eager to continue developing their staircase structures for years to come.

Case Studies

•  110 Bishopsgate
•  Halesowen college, Birmingham

For more information on how you can get Spiral UK to provide your next bespoke staircase for your upcoming projects, then get in touch with the team today using the details below.

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