Tamlite Lighting: How LED Lighting Can Help Your Organisation Achieve Multiple (ESG) Environmental, Social and Governance Goals

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is rapidly becoming crucial to long-term business value creation. This is thanks to a growing emphasis on sustainability, ethics, and corporate responsibility.

Clients, investors, and other stakeholders across built environment supply chains are all increasingly informing their decisions based on an organisation’s ESG credentials. ESG reveals a business’s impact on society, the environment, as well as the accountability of its governance. Energy efficient LED lighting can help your organisation achieve multiple ESG goals and save operational costs.


LED lighting directly helps to improve building operational efficiency and can make a huge contribution to reducing an organisation’s environmental impact. LEDs use at least 75% less energy, provide brighter illumination and last up to 25 times longer, than traditional incandescent lighting. One of the most environmentally friendly aspects of LED lighting is that these lights have very high electricity to light conversion efficacy, as high as 90% in most cases.

Another key environmental benefit is that LED lighting fixtures contain no hazardous waste, such as mercury, and use components that are easier to recycle. This makes LED systems more compatible with circular economic principles. For example, our award-winning CIRCA LED luminaire is a highly energy efficient product produced locally, using local sustainable materials. It is designed with the product’s whole life in mind, requiring less manufacturing, fewer materials, and less waste. CIRCA offers our customers a lower environmental footprint within their value-chain, as covered by Scope 3 carbon emissions reporting.


LED lighting provides brighter and more uniform lighting compared to a traditional system. This can help to reduce eye strain and headaches, helping to boost occupant wellbeing. LED lighting can also be used to create a more flexible and customisable workspace. With the ability to control light intensity and colour temperature, LED lighting can be adjusted to suit different work activities and times of day. For example, warmer light colours can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere for reading, while cooler colours can provide a more energising environment for tasks that require more focus.

A lighting system that considers a broad range of wellbeing factors can create a healthier, and more productive work environment, helping to support the Social element of ESG.


LED lighting combined with a smart control system not only reduces your carbon footprint through efficient control and lighting sources, but it also enables you to collect a wealth of useful data. Investors, building owners, developers and occupiers are all increasingly looking for properties that offer lower costs, sustainability, and improved occupier experience, while also complying with existing regulations. A smart LED lighting system contributes to the data that demonstrates regulatory compliance, and is a tool to help fulfil those regulations. This data enables better organisational governance and helps to inform ESG reports.

Whether your building is an office, school, hospital, or public building LED lighting can help unlock its potential to support wider organisational goals. By boosting building operational efficiency, occupier wellbeing and contributing to valuable building data, LED lighting can help accelerate your ESG strategy.

Tamlite has long championed sustainable lighting and a more circular approach to lighting design. For more information about responsible specification, please see our free e-book Let’s talk about light. Tamlite offers a comprehensive range of energy efficient LED lights for workplaces across a range of settings.

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