Safe and Sound: 20 Water Street Turns to Oscar Acoustics to Deliver 'Future Ready' Office of Tomorrow

Fit-out experts, Tétris Design x Build, opt for fire-rated SonaSpray to achieve optimal acoustic performance and exceed BREEAM targets.

20 Water Street in Canary Wharf, London is now leading the way for how workplace environments should look and feel in the post-pandemic era.

Home to real estate giant, JLL, this peaceful waterside office space has made sustainability, technology and wellbeing its focus. However, with high expectations to meet in terms of staff welfare, Tétris, needed to ensure the building sounded as it good as it looked.

To ensure it delivered the most comfortable experience possible, it features the latest in acoustic technology, creating productive workspaces free of distraction, where staff can thrive. With a reputation for achieving best-in-class acoustics at some of Great Britain’s most ambitious hybrid working spaces, Tétris brought in the help of Oscar Acoustics and its SonaSpray acoustic spray range.

Next generation destination

As an office dedicated to the wellness of staff, inclusive design and neurodiversity were top of the list. Central to this was noise control; Tétris understood that unchecked noise could hamper productivity and increase stress levels. Over time, exposure to excess noise could increase the risk of hearing loss and other serious health conditions such as hypertension.

It was also important that teams could easily collaborate in its spaces, without having to shout to be heard. With the ability to absorb sound energy, Oscar Acoustics’, SonaSpray K-13 Special acoustic spray, offered the perfect solution – giving clarity to speech and keeping unwanted noise at bay.

Fire rated

As well as creating a pitch perfect acoustic ambience, above all else, Tétris wanted to ensure staff remain safe, particularly when it came to fire safety. The designers would only settle for acoustic sprays that held third-party fire safety tested certifications. As one of the only acoustics sprays on the market to offer fire credentials that go above and beyond Approved Document B fire requirements (Class 0 to BS476 & B-s1, d0 fire rating), it made for an easy decision. The SonaSpray range produces little to no smoke and virtually no droplets – which can help assist in the safe escape of occupants should an event occur.

Sustainable building design

With a reputation as one the UK’s leading sustainable building projects, Tétris wanted a premium acoustic spray that could contribute towards various sustainable design and health certifications. With a legally binding ‘green clause’, it was vital that the chosen acoustic spray would be eco-friendly whilst contributing to the general wellbeing of staff. With accreditations such as GREENGUARD Gold Certified compliance for Indoor Air Quality, it meant Tétris could prove the highest welfare standards were being met with SonaSpray.

SonaSpray is also M1 Classified as a Low Emitting Building Material, contributes towards SKA, Living Building Challenge and adds up to 17 points towards the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating of a project.

The building now satisfies many features under the WELL Building Standard and has since been rated ‘Outstanding’ by BREEAM, the world’s leading sustainability assessment method.

Augustin Dufour, Managing Director at Tétris UK said, “Our vision for 20 Water Street was to create a flexible, collaborative, health-led and inclusive workplace, so we knew that noise control would be a major factor in creating a dynamic but comfortable working environment.

“When looking for the right acoustic spray, we found that Oscar Acoustics were one of the very few companies that could prove due diligence on the fire safety ratings of its products. 20 Water Street was an ambitious project but they matched our design plans perfectly.”

Ben Hancock, managing director at Oscar Acoustics, said: “20 Water Street is the perfect example of a market-leading hybrid working space that has been elevated through the right acoustic solution. Safety and sustainability is paramount, putting user experience at the heart of its design.

“Fire safety is becoming increasingly important, and I believe that efforts to go over and above recommended fire ratings should be an industry standard, not just a ‘nice to have’. In this case, Tétris recognised the importance of third-party certification.

“By focusing on the right acoustic solutions, Tétris have created a flexible and inclusive work environment that enhances employee wellbeing – it’s as easy on the ears as it is on the eye. Having the ability to adapt to business requirements also ensures its longevity – quite simply, 20 Water Street is leading by example.”

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