The Power of Copper: An Essential Material for Everyday Life

Copper is one of the most versatile materials on the planet and has played a key part in bringing about change, inventions, and new opportunities across society.

It has long been praised for its natural beauty and inherent material properties, yet most of its uses, remain hidden throughout our homes, hospitals, public transport, offices, and in renewable energy sources.

So just how essential is copper to everyday life?

Homes and transport

In your home, copper runs through your walls, supplies water from your boiler to your bathroom and kitchen, powers your shower and provides hot water to your taps and radiators.

Copper is also found in the wiring of household electronics and appliances such as your kettle, microwave, oven, and television.

As a superior conductor of heat, copper is key to efficiently heating homes and used in both traditional heating systems and sustainable heating alternatives such as air source heat pumps.

Outside of the home, it can be found supporting all modes of transport. You can find it in the wiring of electric cars and their chargers, vehicle brake lines, train and tram lines to mention a few.

Office spaces

Copper piping is just as essential in our office spaces as it has the capability to effectively heat or cool large spaces. When supplying hot water to offices, copper is chosen because of its durability and ability to reduce the risk of plumbing problems. In fact, copper is so durable that it is used in Sweden’s nuclear waste handling technology.

Furthermore, copper is used in the wiring of computers, printers, and other devices that are vital in offices. Put simply, we wouldn’t be able to work without it!


What’s more, copper is trusted to supply medical grade gases, such as oxygen, to patients’ bedsides with no leaks or contamination. It has anti-microbial properties which help to protect the health of patients, with studies showing that it can reduce infection rates by 58%.

Our hospitals use medical grade copper to prevent contamination and bacterial growth and, at a time when hospitals are facing unprecedented demand to ensure patient safety, its use is vital to keeping patients safe in our places of care.

What makes copper an everyday essential?

Copper’s widespread usage is thanks to its ability to be infinitely recycled, which ensures it will continue to be an everyday essential for generations to come.

Copper has been recycled and reused for as long as we have depended on it, boasting a fully developed scrap collecting infrastructure, which has existed for centuries. As a result, almost half of Europe’s copper demand is being met by recycled materials and at least 65% of all copper ever produced is still in circulation today.

From homes and hospitals, to transport and offices, copper is the material of the future. Thanks to its superior quality, safety, and ability to be infinitely recycled, it is playing a vital part in our everyday lives, creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

To find out more about the benefits of copper, visit the website below.

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