The Elite Ladder Instils Confidence

Using a step-ladder to access a loft is not convenient or safe. As such, it is not surprising that Lydia was not confident taking items in and out of her loft. To make the most of this valuable storage space the ‘Elite ladder’ from Premier Loft Ladders was fitted above the existing hatch. This easy-to-use, heavy-duty loft ladder instilled the confidence that was previously missing.

The Challenge

Lydia had recently boarded her loft to add valuable storage space in her North Worcestershire home. The entrance to her loft was already equipped with a drop-down trapdoor. However, a step ladder was needed for the climb into the loft. Lydia found this difficult to use; firstly, it was heavy and awkward to carry all the way upstairs from the garage. Secondly and most concerning, Lydia did not feel confident climbing the narrow steps which had a tendency to wobble when entering and exiting the loft, particularly whilst carrying stored items. As such, using the loft was a stressful experience.

Lydia asked if Premier Loft Ladders could supply a sturdy ladder solution, fixed in place above the existing trapdoor. She specifically asked for a ladder which was easy to operate with large steps to give a safe, comfortable climb when entering and exiting the loft whilst carrying things to and from the storage space.

The Solution

Premier Loft Ladders recommended the Elite loft ladder from their range as the best solution for Lydia. Featuring a heavy-duty aluminium structure with wide, deep treads. It is also supplied with a telescopic handrail as standard. As a result, the Elite ladder never fails to instil confidence. In this case, the ladder was offered with large treads (350mm wide by 140mm deep). The telescopic hand rail supplied with the ladder meant that Lydia could steady herself and gain safe, easy access to and from the loft.

The Results

Lydia now finds it very easy to access her loft by simply pulling down the Elite ladder from its stowed position. As the ladder uses a spring system, the operating weight of the is less than 3kg, so it is very easy to use!

The Elite ladder supplied with large treads gave Lydia enough confidence to use her loft as often as needed without hesitation. She added, “I feel as confident using the Elite ladder as I do my staircase. The things I like best about the ladder are how easy it is to use and the huge flat steps which make getting up to my loft so easy”

To learn more about the Elite loft ladder, please visit the website below.

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