Acoustic Panels Can Embrace the Extreme

Recent tests have shown that Troldtekt acoustic panels withstand moisture levels up to 98%, even when combined with high temperatures up to 40°C. These latest tests were carried out by the accredited Danish Technological Institute to the European product standard for suspended ceilings (EN 13964).

While the composition of the panels has remained unchanged, this new round of stringent testing reinforces the fact that the panels are suitable for the most demanding of wet, warm and humid environments such as swimming pools, changing rooms and shower rooms.

In these environments, it was found that the panels are dimensionally stable and retain their flatness. This means they do not warp over time, giving them a life span in excess of 50 years.

The panels are inherently robust and durable because the combined strength of the cement coupled with the breathability of wood means the structure does not rot and acts as an anti-microbial surface resisting fungal growth and other microorganisms.

For very humid environments where chlorine is also present, Troldtekt offers special structure screws in the highest corrosion protection category. This means it is now possible to have a complete C60 profile system in steel where both the profiles and screws are C5 rated. The screws are also available in all colours to match the panels when installed on ceilings and walls.

Founded on the Cradle-to-Cradle design concept, Troldtekt’s natural and inherently sustainable panels are available in a variety of different surfaces and colours and contribute positively to a building’s BREEAM, DGNB and LEED ratings. In addition to their high sound absorption and tactile surface, they offer high durability and low-cost lifecycle performance. Available in various sizes and in four grades, from extreme fine to coarse, the panels can be left untreated or painted in virtually any RAL colour.

Samples, case studies and technical guidance are available by contacting Troldtekt.

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