Titan Lite Protecting Movement Joints Within New Midland Metropolitan University Hospital

The fire protection of critical movement joints within the main floor slabs of the new Midland Metropolitan University Hospital in Birmingham has consumed some 1,000 linear metres of Titan Lite 120/60, as a well proven and widely specified passive fire protection product.

In this instance, the specification of the adaptable high performance TBA Firefly system for passive fire protection as come about as the result of consultation between the main contractor, Balfour Beatty and IFC (International Fire Consultants), in conjunction with the NHS Trust’s senior Fire Officer. Manufacturer TBA Protective Technologies duly provided its standard details and other certifications to the project team and delivered on site training for the specialist package contractor, Flynn Interiors.

Recognised across the industry as a leading specialist in the field of dry-lining, fire-stopping and suspended ceilings, Flynn Interiors was awarded a £16 million contract covering these disciplines throughout the eleven storey building. The company began its 72 week’s contract in March of this year, with the final completion of the hospital expected in summer 2022.

The Managing Director of Flynn Interiors, Jim Flynn, commented: “Titan Lite is a very good material covered by all the required certifications for the most demanding situations. Although we have a lot of experience of installing Titan Lite and other Firefly systems on previous jobs – suspended from soffits in ceilings and cavities - we have never used it in exactly these conditions before.”

“TBA’s Sales Director, Martyn Rolfe, therefore organised a half day training session for all our operatives at the hospital, explaining exactly about all the materials, fixings and the method of detailing the layers. TBA worked collaboratively with Balfour Beatty and the other parties on ensuring the solution was right for the application, while the installation of this phase has progressed very well. We are currently tendering for other work on the project which will involve the installation of significantly more Firefly products.”

Flynn Interiors’ operatives have attached three layers of the fire resistant fabric to sub-frames made up of 25 x 25mm steel angle, bolted to the concrete soffit. The Titan Lite is secured in place with staggered overlapping joints to resist the passage of flame and hot gases. Both TBA’s technical department and IFC were involved with the inspection and sign off of the work.

As a non-rigid woven material Titan Lite is easy to cut and fix and is created to improve its cooling properties and therefore prevent temperatures rising in adjoining areas. The system has been fully tested to BS 476 Parts 6.7, 20 & 22 and is third party certified by IFCC.

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