Powders to mirror the sky over Frying Pan Alley

Frying Pan Alley – the street name conjures a Dicken’s novel and was certainly home to ironmongers and braziers in the past. Now it is the location of Chapter Spitalfields student accommodation block, rising majestically above the busy streets below and far from quaint. It is a stunning state-of-the building, the third tallest student accommodation building in the world, standing 34 floors high, with a fabulous view over the City from the top floor bar.

Gleaming in metallic silvers and pearlescent blues, this is truly a tour de force in using colour and form to reflect light and create an uplifting visual experience. Rising upwards the tower seems to become part of the sky. Powdertech Corby pre-treated and powder coated 600sq metres of rainscreen cladding using four shades of high-performance architectural powder. Two metallic silvers were used – Classic Ice, a Powdertech Anomatch™ shade, and Tiger Coatings 29/90700. Pearlescent grey was RAL 9022 from Adapta, and metallic blue, Adapta DX5103XW. All powders conform to European fire prevention classification A2,Si,d0 and have a finish thickness of 60 microns minimum.

Panels were supplied to storage off-site, direct from Powdertech in “site ready” batches to meet the build schedule of panel sizes and colours.

“Our unique plant layout gives Powdertech the ability to deliver a range of different elements in different colours with very quick lead-times, “ said Richard Besant, Director, Powdertech Corby, “And our immersion chrome-free pre-treatment system ensures that even unseen and un-coated areas are protected against corrosion whilst the coated faces have a life expectancy in excess of 25 years.”

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