New product features to the STI Exit Stopper

The Exit Stopper is a unique and highly effective way to prevent unauthorised use of emergency exits and fire doors. It also serves as an inexpensive security device which helps prevent theft.

If a protected door is opened, the Exit Stopper emits an ear piercing 95/105 dB alarm. Once the door is closed a number of reset options are available including an automatic function. A key for authorised personnel can be used to override the alarm. The virtually indestructible polycarbonate housing also provides a highly visible deterrent.

With multiple fitting options, the Exit Stopper can protect single or double doors with any style of door mounting and can be installed and protecting doors within minutes.

The Exit Stopper is also available with wireless technology which enables wireless monitoring of exit doors that are fitted with the unit. Transmitters have been fitted into each of the devices that can then be remotely monitored by a small wireless control panel.

Mrs Pawar from The Island Residential Home, commented “Since they were installed, it has proved very successful deterring the residents from misusing the Emergency Exits. It has also given the staff piece of mind especially during the night shift.”

There are a number of new features being introduced in 2018 that will further enhance the Exit Stopper. Alongside the audible warning alarm, all models will be supplied with a visual flashing beacon. The upgrade also includes a low battery warning indicator and dual language warning instructions. While all models will still be supplied with English; the housing has been updated to allow space for an additional language text label to be installed, allowing the one model to be used globally.

For further information on how the Exit Stopper can help prevent unwanted and unauthorised use to exit and fire doors, contact the Sales Team on, or call +44 (0) 1527 520 999.

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