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RMIG Expanded Metal is a light, versatile and attractive choice for building applications because of its aesthetic qualities and the creative freedom it offers.

Expanded metal from RMIG has become increasingly popular among architects for its wide spectrum of aesthetic and functional advantages, and is often the ideal choice when working with materials such as concrete, steel and glass. It can be used for both practical and decorative purposes and it offers architects a new level of creative freedom when designing applications such as façade cladding, sun screens, ceilings, fencing and protective screening.

RMIG Expanded Metal has a modern yet timeless look, and creates the possibility of designing unique and eye-catching shapes and expressions – yet another reason why architects favour this versatile product.

RMIG has its own production facilities for expanded metal where sheets are manufactured from, for example, aluminium or steel. The expansion of the metal takes place in one efficient production process. Expanded metal is made in one piece without joints or welds, which makes it ideal for forming, pressing and cutting. There is no metal lost in the process and, as expanded metal is also virtually maintenance-free, this increases the cost effectiveness of the material. Combined with its high strength and outstanding anti-skid qualities, there are many valid reasons for using expanded metal.

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