Powdertech provides weather-proofing for commercial canopies and shelters

Canopies and shelters offer protection from the elements, but these structures need protecting too. Much of the canopy itself may be constructed of composite sheeting such as polycarbonate, but the supporting posts, beams and rafters are normally aluminium or steel that benefit aesthetically and functionally from powder coating. Flaking paint and corroded metal is unattractive and potentially dangerous.

Powdertech has recently coated metal components for canopies used by schools and a tram link bridge. Aluminium components receive 6-stage chrome-free pre-treatment based on titanium zirconium that maximises adhesion of the paint and protection against corrosion. For galvanized steel construction, used for instance in the tram link bridge, pre-treatment consists of an 8-stage chrome-free, silane-based system. The finish is a coating of Qualicoat class 1 architectural quality polyester powder with high resistance to corrosion, excellent weather resistance and colour stability. The coatings also meet all current fire, smoke and toxicity regulations.

The shelters shown are at various schools across the country, provided by Living Space (UK) Limited and powder coated by Powdertech (Corby) Ltd. The tram link bridge is the first in the country, linking the Nottingham tram service to the city’s hospital, the Queens’s Medical Centre.

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