November 2014 issue

Despite the energy secretary saying there will be no UK blackouts this winter, the margin between the amount of electricity generated and peak demand is expected to be just 4.1 per cent – the smallest gap in seven years. National Grid claims this is due to a series of generator closures and breakdowns, but has announced it will take emergency measures if necessary.

The traditional approach to electricity is supplying to meet demand, yet a clear solution is reducing demand for power in the first place. Using energy efficient building materials and installing renewable technologies are just some of the ways to reduce this dependence. It is concerning that last year, just 6% of the UK’s energy generation came from renewable sources, far behind gas, and even coal.

In this month’s issue, FC&A profiles two outstanding examples of buildings that are striving to add to that percentage. On page 6, we pay tribute to the development of The Enterprise Centre – a new development by the Adapt Low Carbon Group at the gateway of the University of East Anglia in Norwich. It is on target to be the UK’s greenest commercial building, thanks to a series of renewable energy applications. This includes 480m² of solar panels, predicted to generate over 43MWh in the first year.

Meanwhile on page 11, a striking new office facility has been delivered with excellent eco credentials. As well as achieving a BREEAM rating, the building incorporates a number of renewable energy measures. Turn to Sustainability in Development to find out more.

Elsewhere in this issue, you will find dedicated features on Lighting, Disability, Sustainability, Doors & Windows and Roofing, Cladding & Insulation.

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