May 2014 supplement

In this dedicated Energy Efficiency supplement, FC&A rounds up the latest solutions available on the market, designed to provide buildings with greater energy efficiencies. From heating control systems to air conditioning units, inside you will find a number of spotlight articles demonstrating how small or large improvements can be made to create energy savings.

Among the contributors, we hear from Daikin distributor, Space Airconditioning, which highlights the importance of renewing any air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration equipment. As well as being able to assess the correct product in terms of capacity and needs for maximum efficiency, R22 refrigerant is in short supply since it was illegal to sell back in 2009 – therefore proving very costly. Turn to page 5 to find out more. Elsewhere, on page 10 GI Energy is helping the iconic Siemens Urban Sustainability Centre in London to cut carbon emissions and running costs with a renewable heating and cooling system.

For further enquiries about any of our contributors or if you wish to comment on any issues within this particular area, please do not hesitate to get in touch at the usual address.

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