July 2011 issue

One of the great things about this job is seeing the industry’s new innovations, and meeting the people who create them. Walking around trade shows like Safety & Health Expo, Sustainabilitylive, and Ecobuild back in March, makes you realise just how far the construction industry has come, and how much effort is being put in to providing the products so that sustainability targets can be met. At FC&A we try to reflect that in our case studies and features.

In this month’s Sustainability in Development we look at CoRE, Stoke-on-Trent’s Centre of Refurbishing Excellence, which marries the innovations in technology with ensuring there’s a trained workforce to install and maintain them - a truly sustainable idea! In Voice of the Industry this month Scott Sinden of ESG takes a look at how the glazing industry has responded to rising crime against property and the threat of terrorism, and we stay on the glazing theme in Doors & Windows with Giles Willson, Technical Director of the GGF who offers advice on regulatory requirements.

As the sun’s come out (although by the time we go to print it may well have gone back in again!) we have a Hotel & Leisure Focus, a look at the Close House Hotel & Golf Club, and a study in to the link between effective play areas for children and their uptake of sports into adulthood – fitting for next year’s Olympics maybe?

And talking of the Olympics, the tickets are now sold – although it would appear most of them will be going back in to second sale in July – everyone I know either had too many or none! I suppose whichever way they were sold, someone would have complained, but in my opinion it was, ahem, odd.

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