June 2010 issue

Did you know there’d been an election? We all know how important the construction industry is, having effects upon all other industries too. As Chris Blythe, Chief Executive of the CIOB, said, “After all the rhetoric and with so many key issues facing construction, the industry will be wondering what it can expect from this coalition Government. We are entering unchartered waters and only time will tell if it is a success. Investment in the built environment can spread the benefi ts of an economic stimulus to all parts of the UK. For every £1 spent on construction output, £2.84 is generated in total economic activity, and 92p of every £1 spent on construction is retained in the UK,” he reminds us. “Unlike the debates, this government’s success will be measured by its ability to turn the words into substance.”

So, a big welcome to Mark Prisk, our new construction minister (ex-shadow construction minister) and Grant Shapps, housing minister (ex-shadow housing minister). Here’s hoping that, working together with Paul Morrell the government’s Chief Construction Adviser, they can really Get Britain Building!

This month’s focus on public sector spending shows how reliant we are on central funding; our health, education and homes. Even if you’ve ‘gone private’ with each or any of these, the strength of the public sector reflects the strength of the country.

And whoever sits in No.10, there’s nothing you can do if nature goes against you – I hope the volcanic clouds don’t affect you if you’re planning a getaway in June!

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