October 2023 Issue

As we approach the autumn-winter season, a set of unique challenges confront the construction industry. Reduced daylight hours, harsh weather conditions and an upsurge in demand for materials present challenging obstacles. Collectively, these factors heighten the risk of theft and security breaches at construction sites.

The diminishing daylight hours create an environment conducive to criminal activities, as thieves can operate under the cover of darkness more easily. Furthermore, the cold and inclement weather conditions tend to dissuade workers from maintaining a consistent onsite presence, leaving construction sites vulnerable.

One stark reminder of the gravity of these security challenges is the recent incident involving Aurubis, where almost $200m worth of copper was stolen. Although current investigations suggest that insiders may have aided the thieves, this incident underscores the imperative need for robust security measures across both construction and manufacturing sites.

In this month's issue, we sit down with Alexis Potter, Managing Director of site security specialist company BauWatch. Alexis approached us in light of the Aurubis incident to offer valuable insights into how construction firms can shield themselves from such potential thefts. From implementing deterrents to conducting thorough risk analyses and adopting forward-thinking strategies, Alexis shares his expert advice to ensure that your organisation does not fall victim to thefts akin to the Aurubis case. It serves as a stark reminder that if such an incident can occur at one of Europe's largest copper producers, it can happen to any company. For the coverage of this story, turn to page 20.

Elsewhere in this edition, we delve into the new home of the Polish Army Museum, designed by WXCA Architectural Design Studio. Additionally, we explore the largest bicycle parking garage in Amsterdam, an innovative project crafted by wUrck. Furthermore, we engage experts in discussions ranging from the potential of commercial heat pumps in achieving net-zero emissions to the impact of labour issues on infrastructure delivery.

We explore the largest bicycle parking garage in Amsterdam, an innovative project crafted by wUrck.

Rebecca Kemp


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