May 2023 Issue

In last month's welcome note, I highlighted the issue of greenwashing, which was a dominant topic at March's Futurebuild event. In this issue of FC&A, we have decided to delve deeper into this vital discussion. As part of this coverage, we invited Mark Clark of Cemfree to contribute an insightful article on the issue of greenwashing in the housing development sector. In his piece, Mark explains how misleading claims about sustainability are becoming increasingly common and hinder genuine efforts to find carbon savings. He provides examples of how developers may use green credentials to sell their homes without implementing genuinely sustainable practices and suggests potential solutions for a more sustainable future, such as developing new materials and engaging with the supply chain to encourage sustainable practices. You can read the full article by turning to page 34.

Greenwashing and a circular supply chain are closely linked in the construction industry. Greenwashing undermines the credibility of sustainability claims, leading to the adoption of unsustainable practices that do not address the environmental impacts of construction. Conversely, a circular supply chain can promote transparency and accountability in the industry by encouraging the reuse, refurbishment and recycling of materials and products. This can help reduce waste, carbon emissions and other negative environmental impacts while promoting innovation and economic growth. By adopting a circular supply chain approach and avoiding greenwashing, construction companies can position themselves as leaders in sustainability and create value for their stakeholders. In this issue, Andrew Cooper from Senior Architectural Systems discusses the theory behind supply chain circularity and how specifiers and manufacturers can implement it. Turn to page 24 to learn more.

Elsewhere in this issue, we highlight two inspiring architectural ventures: Heatherwick Studio's inaugural public library design in Maryland, USA, and SOUR's victorious design for the Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex in South Korea. Additionally, Kelly Westwood from Knauf Insulation offers valuable insights into ensuring the accuracy of your rainscreen insulation specification.

SOUR, in collaboration with Seoinn Design Group, has been named one of the winners of the international architectural competition for the new Geomdan Museum Library Cultural Complex (GMLCC) in Incheon, South Korea

Rebecca Kemp

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