August 2022 Issue

Last month’s sweltering heat and highest-ever-recorded 40°C temperature resulted in masses of unprecedented incidents nationwide. Fire brigades, ambulances and lifeboats were under immense pressure to respond to emergency calls concerning out-of-control blazes and people seeking urgent medical help both on land and out at sea. What’s been described as “absolute hell” by London firefighters and the “busiest day”…for the fire service...”since World War II” by London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Wednesday 20th July saw report after report coming in of fires exploding up and down the country. From dried out woodland to overheated vehicles and burning residential neighbourhoods, the clear skies were enshrouded behind blizzards of ash and twirling flames as we attempted to tackle disasters that, as a country, we clearly aren’t built to handle.

As climate change begins to do exactly what it says on the tin, this isn’t the last of the scorching weather that we’ll be subjected to. As temperatures begin to rise and risk to human health increases, we must action new processes not only to protect what can be salvaged from the environmental damage we have already done but also to adapt. Only in June were we talking of the recent updates to Building Regulations – among them, the brand-new Approved Document O on overheating, whose importance was greatly recognised during the overbearing heatwave of July ’22.

Fittingly, Phil Brown, European Regulatory Marketing Manager at Pilkington United Kingdom, explains all you need to know about the newly-launched Part O in this month’s issue. Here, he clarifies why the new regulation doesn’t have to mean the end of the highly-glazed homes favoured by today’s homeowners. Turn to page 26 to read the full article.

Aytac Architects is proud to proceed with its development of the DE Bodrum Museum, a custom design for contemporary Turkish Artist Devrim Erbil.

Rebecca Kemp

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