May 2021 Issue

After a long-winded winter hibernation, April saw many of us enjoy a taste of normality – however small it was. For some, that meant a much-needed meet up with family, friends or colleagues, and for others, it meant a keenly-awaited return to the office. Overall, the repercussions of COVID-19 have certainly instilled long-term adjustments to our way of life, and our work lives have conceivably witnessed the most significant change. With a reduction in overheads and an efficient, and notably, happier workforce, many employers have opted for a longer-term, more permanent stance on remote working – with employees only visiting an office when it’s necessary.

Working from home certainly isn’t anything new; however, now it’s becoming more widespread, employees do need to ensure two all-important elements of efficient working – creativity and collaboration – aren’t forgotten. In this issue, we’ve talked to Andrew Cooper, National Specification Manager at Senior Architectural Systems, to find out why close collaboration within the supply chain has never been more critical. Turn to page 18 to find out more.

While many have opted for remote working, others yearn for the boundless socialisation associated with the office in pre-COVID times. A change of environment is usually required in these cases, which means incorporating COVID-secure measures and often introducing updated workplaces if previous offices could not accommodate COVID-related health and safety requirements. What’s certainly evident in the recovery of this global pandemic is our awareness of cleanliness in the environments surrounding us, particularly in high-traffic areas such as an office. Here, companies will need to reassure staff of their safety when visiting the workplace. As such, employers are opting for building materials with antimicrobial technology. In this issue, we talk to Louisa Eyles, Commercial Marketing Manager at Amtico, about opting for antimicrobial, slip-resistant luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring in the workplace. Turn to page 22 to read the full article.

In 2015, Marc Boutin and his team were entrusted with the revitalisation of an important urban passageway in Calgary, Canada – the 4th Street SW Underpass. 

Rebecca Kemp

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