November 2020 Issue

Pandemic or not, there are still pressing issues and targets the construction industry needs to continue addressing for the foreseeable. Although this year's been subjected to a great deal of uncertainty and an unprecedented hiatus from construction sites, architect practices, universities and other higher education institutes – as well as regrettable job cuts – the sector is still pushing through.

That said, there's still much work to be done, and the Government's net-zero-carbon and housing targets won't be passing from sight anytime soon. As such, architect practices around the globe are keeping creative juices flowing by continually innovating and designing new solutions for global infrastructure, housing and architectural issues to prove COVID-19 hasn't entirely shattered industry targets. One such firm is Perkins&Will, which recently ran a contest amongst its staff to design a co-living concept that addresses issues in the American housing market – issues that reflect the city-centre rent affordability issues we witness in UK cities like London. We've talked to Hala Elkhorazaty, Senior Interior Designer at Perkins&Will and winner of the in-house competition, about the scheme, named 'arroyo'. Hala explains how she and colleague Vangel Kukov designed a unique concept that calls for residents involving themselves in the community to subsidise rent payments.

Housing affordability and rent isn't the only concern taking hold of the industry, however. The long-winded and heavily publicised necessity for young blood in the construction sector is yet another hurdle we're striving to leap over in the coming years. With an extended spring-cum-summertime sabbatical for schools, colleges and universities this year, younger generations have already missed out with regards to mainstream education. And, thanks to the pandemic, T-levels – a sector-specific two-year course – had been delayed for 2020. This month, we've talked to Jackie Biswell from Apex Roofing about the role these T-level vocational qualifications will play in construction recovery post-COVID.

Rebecca Kemp

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