October 2020 Issue

With the spotlight firmly on the coronavirus pandemic for most of 2020, Brexit's been precariously lurking in the shadows. Much like COVID-19 updates and restrictions, there's been little in the form of any substantial certainty regarding our departure from the EU. And, as Brexit-related dramas continue, and the month of October lands on our door, time's undoubtedly of the essence to shake hands on a deal before we leave our transitional period and secure our status as an EU divorcee.

This is leaving many within the architectural and construction industries dubious about imports and exports of building materials. And, as we attempt to build more homes for an overpopulated country, whilst meeting the Government's net-zero carbon 2050 goals; there's much to bear in mind. Many are looking at UK-manufactured alternatives to those typically sourced in EU territory. Whilst there's plenty to consider; it is essential that we do not lose touch with the sustainability-first ethos and development that the sector has been spearheading over the past decade. And, it's here that innovation really comes into its own – both via architectural design and strategic construction.

Following this theme, RIBA Architect Christopher Sykes returns this month with an exclusive article dedicated to innovation within the industry. From materials and awards to outstanding homes, he explores the best uses of 'innovation' that really demonstrate the exceptional capabilities from today's architectural community. Meanwhile, we talk to UK-based building materials supplier SureCav about how we can wean architects off their dependability on concrete with alternative, more sustainable options. Lastly, Reco Surfaces explores how modular forms of construction can step up and help out as we continue the journey to build more affordable homes for Britain.

MAD Architects has completed Gardenhouse, its first project completed in the USA.

Rebecca Kemp


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