September 2020 Issue

Following last month’s ‘build, build, build’ focus, RIBA Architect Christopher Sykes returns to the pages of FC&A this month with another exclusive article on the significant changes that are happening in the sector as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. In this piece, he explores how modern methods of construction (MMC) will be the salvation the construction and architectural industries will desperately need to meet Government housing targets. And, how priority must also be given to decarbonisation, climate resilience, design and beauty, connectivity and accessibility, wellbeing and public health, as well as economic growth.

In another FC&A exclusive, we’ve talked to Architect, Barry Wark, about his stunning, biophilic proposal for the Glasgow School of Art. Comprising new educational studios, public spaces and gardens, Wark’s design forms a block-wide strategy in response to the series of fires that have destroyed Mackintosh’s national icon. With biophilia at the heart of his work, Wark explains how the concept of merging nature into the built environment goes beyond the aesthetics of living walls and aesthetically pleasing plants. Read the full Q&A and find out more about the concept and Wark’s work.

Elsewhere in this month’s edition, Chris George – Business Development Manager at Howe Green – explores the wide-ranging benefits tree pits and grilles offer, MAD Architects releases the design of the Wormhole Library and Richard Hyams – former Architect at Norman Foster and Founder of astudio – discusses how urban planning can design pollution out of cities.

Rebecca Kemp

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