August 2020 Issue

Last month, more businesses opened their doors and a minute sense of normality popped up on the horizon as more travelled further afield. Although we're becoming more optimistic with our socialising and travelling, we're all still treading with trepidation. As a result, architects, designers and specifiers are having re-think building material specifications, layouts, spatial design and factor in social distancing. In this edition, we've talked to James Latham about hygienic, easy-clean surfacing materials that are suitable for future-proofing buildings while we learn to live alongside coronavirus. Turn to page 34 to read the full article.

Additional business openings weren't the only thing that spread enthusiasm across the nation last month. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson's Economy Speech to "build back better" was welcomed by many within the construction and architectural sectors; yet, there were a few concerns expressed from some industry giants. This month, we have talked to a handful of construction professionals and architect practices to uncover the consensus across the realm.

Meanwhile, in this month's portfolios, we travel overseas to observe how the global trend of improving our built environment has taken form in two very different projects that are connected by one fundamental commonality – wellbeing. Firstly, we head to Lithuania to see how German practice 3deluxe has reimagined the popular 'plaza' with a visionary design that is a celebration of contemporary mobility. Flick to page 12 to read more. While on page 16, we take a look at the recently revealed MAD Architects scheme for Shenzhen Bay Culture Park in China. Here, Chinese Architect Ma Yansong has merged contemporary artistic designs with an urban landscape.

Rebecca Kemp

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