July 2020 Issue

The world, as we know it, has changed over the past few months; we’re all acting differently and paying more attention to the environment that surrounds us. And, the architecture and construction industries are no different. Of course, due diligence has always been an essential trait of high-quality architecture and design; however, following COVID-19, the sector is re-evaluating priorities to catch up following a short, temporary hiatus and meeting the changing needs in our built environment. Now, we have to look at everything in a brand-new light, and from a more hygiene-critical perspective. From coatings and design to layout, protection and manufacturing, we have all had to adapt over a minimal (and unexpected) period.

This month, we have talked to numerous professionals from the sector, exploring how architecture and construction are adapting in a post-coronavirus landscape. Firstly, Simon Boocock, Managing Director of CRL Europe, takes a look at how screens are helping businesses to quickly adjust their offices and shop floors to offer protection and peace of mind for all – without lengthy and costly reconfiguration issues. Turn to page 22 to learn more.

On page 30, James Stephens, Managing Director of Offsite Solutions, looks at how bathroom and utility pods are helping contractors in the coronavirus pandemic with offsite solutions. While on page 20, RIBA Architect Christopher Sykes returns with a compelling column on how modern methods of construction (MMC) can save the day for the “housing industry and the problems of the ‘Third World War’ (i.e. COVID-19)”.

Last but by no means least, two architect practices prove that the architectural show must go on in this month’s portfolios. First, we take a look around the ZHA Architects-designed Opus building – which boasts interiors and architecture designed by Dame Zaha Hadid. Turn to page 12 to take a look. Elsewhere, on page 16, we take a tour around Shanghai’s most elegant shopping centre – the Grand Gateway 66 retail complex in Xijiahui, designed by Elena Galli Giallini (EGGL).

The ZHA Architects-designed Opus building boasts interiors and architecture design by Dame Zaha Hadid herself.SEE PAGE 12

Rebecca Kemp


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