March 2019 issue

March marks the month of Britain’s expected divorce from the European Union. 29th March 2019 is a date clearly marked in many diaries, and a moment the entire nation has been waiting for, in the hope of the elimination of uncertainty from across the country. On the run-up to the predicted departure, much scepticism lingers in the air within the industry. FC&A will be welcoming professionals from within the industry to submit their commentary and advice to architects and specifiers of building materials post-Brexit. If you’re interested in commenting on the impact of Brexit over the following months, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Moving on to this month’s content, FC&A moves away from Britain and over to the Netherlands. The 90m-high Pontsteiger building, also dubbed the Golden Gate of Amsterdam, is a truly awe-inspiring project. Positioned at the end of a 200m-long dam, the large building consists of a U-shaped, six-storey base structure elevated by 7m, enveloping a waterside plaza. CARLISLE CM Europe talks about how its EPDM products were used for waterproofing the facade and walkways. Turn to page 28 to discover the benefits CARLISLE CM Europe’s EPDM products brought to the Golden Gate of Amsterdam.

It is with great sadness that I announce this issue as my last as Editor at Mixed Media Information. It has been a delight featuring brand new innovations, projects and ideas that plan to change the face of the architectural and construction sector, and I wish you all the best for the future. As I move on to pastures new, I’ll pass you back to Mixed Media’s former Editor-in-Chief, Hannah Woodger (whom many may remember previously as Frackiewicz). For all editorial enquiries, Hannah can be contacted via

I hope you enjoy this edition. Don’t forget you can also access all of the magazine’s features, product news and supplier information at your fingertips via Future Constructor & Architect’s state-of-the-art app. To download your version free of charge, simply search ‘fc&a’ on Google Play or the App store.

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