November 2018 issue

It goes without saying that sustainability is high on the agenda for all working in the construction industry; whether you’re an eco-conscious manufacturer mindful of the lifecycle of a material, an architect aiming high on the BREEAM and LEED leaderboard or even as a consumer at home going about your day-to-day routine. However, how can you truly be certain that your specification is sustainable as a specifier, and what are the drawbacks of sustainably sourcing? With the heightened publicity surrounding sustainability and the ever-increasing environmentally-friendly age we’ve come to know and cherish, why aren’t we all embracing sustainability in everyday practice? These were just some of the questions proposed by one supplier within the construction realm, Knauf AMF, during the first week of October.

With sustainability serving as the nerve centre of the company, Knauf AMF assembled eight sustainability masters around a large table in the early afternoon of Tuesday October 2nd. Observed by FC&A, a two-hour informative and enlightening discussion initiated that afternoon that dug deep into the minds of the sustainably-minded octet – orchestrated by Director of architectural practice Architype, Ben Humphries. Attended by Knauf AMF’s representative, Sacha Conte, Specification Manager for the EU-leading modular ceiling specialist, the debate explored perceptions from a broad range of industry professionals; from architects, suppliers, contractors as well as interior designers. To find out more about Knauf AMF’s educational, eye-opening roundtable event, turn to page 14 of this issue.

Elsewhere, pages 20 and 28 of this month’s issue stars two of the architectural realm’s greatest titans. Turn to page 20 where Studio Stefano Boeri Architetti unveils its first-ever project to be located in Albania, and flick to page 28 to explore the latest contribution from the prominent studio of Zaha Hadid Architects.

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