May 2018 issue

When designing a structure, regardless of the intent or style, an architect’s creativity and ingenuity are put to the test. The composition, contour and visual presentation of that build will be an accurate portrayal of both the architect’s artistic talent and the master craftsmanship of the contractors involved in the fabrication of the build. However, many essential functionalities of a building can restrict an architect’s creative skills and hinder the artisanship of the contractor.

In this month’s issue, Ivan Colvil from Alumasc Skyline tackles this all too familiar obstacle and reveals one of the principal complexities that many construction professionals commonly encounter. On page 40 of our May edition, Ivan considers the limitations faced by today’s architects at the peak of a building – the roofline. Here, he explains how architectural innovation can often be constrained by a scarcity of materials, construction methods and, vitally, budget.

As well as performing as vital protection for structural support, both the roof and roofline are exceeding their functionalities and appear to be serving as a primary eye-catching feature in many structures across the globe. With innovations such as green and blue roof modifications, many architects seem to be focusing their imagination up towards the sky.

One architectural house that has pushed the structural envelope of roofing design is Zaha Hadid Architects. The practice’s design for Oxford University’s Middle East Centre at St. Antony’s College is one of curved elegance that reflects the university town’s picturesque landscape. Carlisle Construction Materials (CCM) Europe explains, on page 38, how the use of its waterproofing EPDM membrane made the striking edifice watertight.

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