August 2017 issue

Biophilia and sustainability; two terms in the mind of many an architect and design professional when a new project comes to fruition. The terminology behind the two phrases are intrinsically connected and fundamentally reduce our environmental footprint through both architecture and interior design.

According to the theory of Biologist, E.O. Wilson, biophilia is our “innate and genetically-determined affinity with the natural world”. Architects throughout the world are incessantly switching onto the benefits of biophilic design and further projects are emerging from every corner of the world, particularly from within the workplace realm. High-profile organisations, such as Google, Apple and Amazon, are capitalising on the benefits that biophilic design concepts can bring to their workforce. It is scientifically proven that incorporating components from the natural world into architectural schemes improves concentration and enhances our workplace performance; this can be achieved through the use of wood, living walls and natural daylighting.

One project that has pushed the boundaries of sustainable and biophilic design is Peldon Rose’s office scheme for environmental charity, Friends of the Earth. Sustainability was at the core of the charity’s requirements for its new headquarters at The Printworks, south London. Taking into account the organisation’s ethos, Peldon Rose has successfully reflected Friends of the Earth’s environmental aims through the design of its new base. The innovative office comprises geographically categorised divisions that work on the fundaments of biophilic design. Take a trip to Friends of the Earth’s brand-new HQ on page 18.

Elsewhere in this issue, sustainability is put into practice at France’s latest performing arts centre, La Seine Musicale. Sited on the previously run-down Seguin Island, the new state-of-the-art stadium entices with its 45m-high revolving ‘sail’ of solar panels and superlative design. Further details on La Seine Musciale can be found on page 14.

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