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As we navigate the ever-evolving new standards and regulations aimed at enhancing the built environment to be more eco-friendly, safer and of higher quality, changes loom on the horizon with the upcoming election this month. For many, this pre-election period feels like a state of limbo, holding the promise of alterations to policy focus, legislation and planning.

One of the recent mandatory planning regulations implemented earlier this year is Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG). BNG focuses on both enhancing and preserving habitats, ensuring that developments achieve a BNG of 10% post construction. This initiative aims to promote environmentally-friendly practices in construction and development. Chris Adair, Product Innovation Manager at Marshalls, describes this regulatory shift as pivotal in this month's issue. Whether working on a small housing plot or a major infrastructure project, these changes carry significant implications. For more details, refer to page 22, where Chris elaborates on integrating new biodiversity and drainage requirements seamlessly.

Meanwhile, on page 24, Brett Lambe, Senior Associate specialising in intellectual property, and Stephen Homer, Partner in the construction law team at Ashfords LLP, delve into the complex realm of digital regulation concerning the ownership of AI-generated images. Together, they highlight the challenges architects face in navigating intellectual property issues in the age of AI, particularly in copyright and design rights.

Constructed by Jenner and designed by ACME, Shoreline is a highly-bespoke, crescent-shaped residential building located at the foot of the historic Leas Lift and coastal park in Folkestone, Kent.

Rebecca Kemp

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